What's the first thing you'd like to know ...

... about your new roommate? Whether they know how to party? Whether they clean up after themselves? Or, in fact - what they do in the bedroom?

Joshua and Lamarus are sure in for a surprise when they find out that beneath her prissy appearance, their new roommate Laila is every bit as quirky as they are. Here they were, thinking no one could be weirder than the two of them: Joshua, ridiculously handsome and yet suffering from depression and cynical to the bone; and Lamarus, a failing artist with his head in the clouds and lots of opinion, but little practical skill.

Even those two find themselves gawking, though, when they find out that Laila, who seemed like a stuck-up but otherwise boring student of literature, is into ... well, let's say, more than a little spanking.

A tad more provocative, and certainly a lot kinkier than your average SitCom, Zinfandel takes on the contradictions everyone faces if they find they don't fit easily into the norms society has on offer when it comes to sexual preferences, bodily appearances, deviance, or your point of view on life in general.

The road so far:

2017-12-23: Audience Performace January 2018; Dublin (IR), Karlsruhe (DE), New York (US), Paris (FR), Tel Aviv (IL)

There will be the first audience performances for the Zinfandel pilot in January 2018.

An audience performance is the act of exposing a work to a test group of viewers. In doing so their reactions are recorded using microphones which are installed in the room. The recordings can then be used for analysis purpose or to add an audience track to the movie.
Furthermore the audience's opinions are collected afterwards. Was it entertaining? Funny? Or vexing? We want to know!

You want to be a part of it? If you are around, you might want to contact us, maybe there is a free seat in the performing cinema. But be warned: it's with subtitles! ;-)

2017-12-05: The Zinfandel production team is glad to announce that the SitCom's pilot episode (40min double-episode) has been released!

Get comfortable to watch things get a little uncomfortable for Laila:

«Ins kalte Wasser» («At the Deep End»)

It's not easy, after all, to break into Joshua's and Lamarus' little weirdo world, where nothing could be more important than the right kind of cereal, or whether there's such a thing as human rights for zombies. The two are anything but shy to make fools of themselves.

Laila, on the other hand, has clearly been planning to keep up appearances for a while longer. Fate has other plans for her, though, and helps her to an unusual coming-out right after moving in.

(In this episode: SPECIAL GUEST ARTIST Clovis Kasanda BACKGROUND ACTOR Svenja Walschburger BACKGROUND ACTOR Ramon Hasch OUTFITTER (KIMONO) Nupho PROPS www.baumwollseil.de | uid: ZFDS00E00-3714-171205)

Laila Joshua Lamarus
Alice Erk Marcel Reissberg Leonard Winkler
Alice Erk Marcel Reißberg Leonard Winkler
- -
Kathrin Jutta Tom
Helena Fuladdjusch Marie Rose Max Rohland
Helena Fuladdjusch Marie Rose Max Rohland

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